What Autonomous Race Platforms are being Promoted?

Currently, two autonomous racing platforms are supported, with a modified, “Open Class” and likely, an “Outdoor Class” coming soon.

We shadow the two exisiting, DIYRobocars 1/10 scale and FormulaPi 1/16 scale classes

1/16th-scale racetrack description and rules

This track is modeled after the FormulaPi track, in that it’s about the same size and has red and green lanes, with 4″ black walls marking the inside and the outside of the track. But it does not (yet) have a LED starting gate.


FormulaPi Track


For RGB track:

  • 10m wide track, with red and green lanes.
  • Blue lane dividers in FormulaPi course may be replaced by blank gaps showing concrete instead.
  • If this creates a problem for the cars, we will replace the blue tape
  • Course is pretty smooth and most bumps are taped over. 1/2″ clearance under cars should be sufficient


1/10th scale racetrack description and rules

Race Format:

The track is modeled after the DIYRobocar 1/10 Scale format. The race will include 3 laps timed with both the first lap time and the total time recorded.  The first prize will go to the fastest 3 lap time, unless nobody finishes 3 laps then the prize goes to the fastest first lap time.

Wheel to wheel races and redo races will be exibition.

Each car that attends will be recorded as

  • DNR – Did Not Race
  • DNF – Did Not Finish
  • Time – This is the time of the race.

Attendance will ultimately be important for governance etc.

1/10 Track Rules

  • While it is called a 1/10 track, in fact, any size car can be used, however cars that are much larger or smaller than 1/10 will be at a significant disadvantage in time trials and may not be allowed to race wheel to wheel with other cars.  Excessively large cars can be disqualified by the track master.
  • Out of bounds is defined as all 4 wheels passing outside of the track boundary.  A car that crosses the line will be disqualified and will be a DNF.
  • There are no rules governing where the computing needs to take place.  Cars may have onboard computing, trackside computing or leverage remote or cloud resources.
  • GPS and other similar positioning systems are not allowed for official races.
  • The intention is that this is an open source league and that all designs are put on githuband are readily copyable.  This is not (yet) enforced.

Track Specs

Course measurements are all roughly accurate, but your bot should be able to handle variation, dirt, variable lighting, etc.

  • 1.5 meter (5 foot) wide course with borders in 25mm – 53mm (1-2 inch) wide white tape.
  • yellow tape at the centerline 35mm – 55mm (1.5-2 inch) wide.  Tape will be dashed with 20mm of tape and a 20mm gap
  • The course must have at least one left turn, right turn, hairpin turn(1.5m outside radius) and gradual turn ( >3m outside radius)
  • Course should fit in a box 20m x 15m
  • Up to 3 cars at a time (for now)
  • Course may not be smooth so the car should be able to handle step shaped bumps of up to 25mm (1 inch)
  • People will stand 3 meters away from the track we will have caution tape keeping people back