A List of the Best Arduino Robot Car Kits

4WD Remote Control Robot Kit

I spent more than 20 hours studying and analyzing the best Arduino robot car kits. About Arduino, there is much to say, but the most important thing is why someone would use this board to control a mobile robot.

As you will see in every kit’s description, some of these can be remotely controlled, while others can be programmed to autonomously navigate in the environment. Some kits come with object detection sensors, while others have attached a webcam to capture images in real time. The conclusion is a simple one: working with Arduino in robotics is a process that will never end.

There are a few things that should be considered when choosing an Arduino robot car kit. One of the basic things is the documentation, and the vast majority of these kits includes some kind of manual or assembly instructions. In addition, each of the below kits has different features compared to each other.


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